Express your ideas and we do the rest.

We listen and help even with new and spontaneous ideas to the smallest details.
The route we have taken has allowed us to develop and work in an array of important multi-discipline projects in different cities of our country. The challenge now is to adapt and consolidate our processes to compete internationally; and we know that the main challenge is to maintain a continuous line of work, which allows us to develop new ideas, fulfilling our stated objectives, while continuing being a leading company in the development of architectural projects.

This is the reason for our day-to-day efforts, to exceed the expectations of our clients, making architectural development a business of excellence, dedication and honesty.

Vanguard in design and architecture.

Residential Projects

Let's talk about your dream home taken to reality, and although it sounds cliché, it's exactly what we do, since designing a home usually entails interpreting the dreams, thoughts and desires of its future inhabitants. It is one of the great moments of introspection in the life of a human being and a great realization in the history of a family.

Interior design

Regardless of the type of construction, the design process is the same. The first step is to identify your objectives, deadlines and budget. The ultimate goal is to try to always exceed your expectations – giving special consideration at the resale value of the property. Our starting point is a proposal outlining the concept of design and the cost to do it.

Commercial and Corporate

We develop a concept and architecturally design your next commercial venture, --be it, a boutique, a department store or the headquarters of your corporation, all follow a rigorous process that entails an analysis of local and international trends in the sector in question, a thorough analysis of its economic-financial possibilities, and analysis of the steps needed to guarantee a successful completion of the project.

Jesús Garcia
CEO Co-Founder
Jesús Noriega
CEO Co-Founder
David Navarro
Ines Colmenarez
General Manager
Patricia Velázquez
General Manager of NodoEstudio
Nury Salazar
Build Manager
Mireya Falcon
Brand manager
Paula Caiman
Senior Architect
Aguasanta Gonzalez
Senior Architect
Jesús Rodríguez
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